Focus on Forests is Canada's leading forest education program that engages youth and educators in learning more about our forests. This is achieved through curriculum linked resources, engaging programs, informative videos, and outreach initiatives that increase the understanding and awareness of our forest resources.

Focus on Forests is a FREE national educational resource that aims to:

  • Encourage teachers to take learning outdoors
  • Provide curriculum linked resources that bring forests into the classroom
  • Continually provide new information and resources about forestry in Canada
  • Engage with educators across the country
  • Broaden the understanding and appreciation of our forest resources


Focus on Forests provides opportunities for teachers to engage with youth of all ages to learn more about the forests that surround us. This is achieved by offering through a variety of programs, resources, events and initiatives.

The program began as a successful 1980's initiative by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR) and the Canadian Forest Service of Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN). Forests Ontario (formerly Ontario Forestry Association (OFA)) was an original program partner and the organization assumed responsibility for the delivery and development of Focus on Forests in the mid 1990's.

In 2007 Focus on Forests became available online and nationally. With the expansion to an online product, lesson plans are now available free of charge and without the previous workshop requirement. The goal of the new website is to provide easy access to lesson plans and to grow a network of subscribers to support continuous expansion of themes and topics for new activities. The objective of Focus on Forests is to provide students with the opportunity to observe and understand trees and forests in the world around them.

In 2009, Forests Ontario (formerly OFA) and Tree Canada formed a National Education Partnership, highlighting the value that Focus on Forests plays in introducing forests to Canadian classrooms. Forests Ontario has been regarded as a trusted source of forest education and stewardship programs since 1949, and has been the leader of Focus on Forests since it partnered with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources in the 1980's on its development. Tree Canada is the country's largest tree NGO, planting 76 million trees and greening over 450 school grounds since 1992. Together, these two groups have combined their efforts to bring a Canada-wide forest education program. This exciting new partnership is supported by Irving Tissue Corporation, the makers of Majesta household paper products.

A Program of:

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